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The other side of Paris. The images in this second post today are of Paris, the trip my wife and I took. But this is from the film camera, and so you get to see the reality of the film. First, a picture of the lens cap. Notice the combination of lighting. You can’t recreate that easily! Well, you can. Just leave the lens cap on any camera, and you can recreate that image. The thing that always hurt and I mentioned that in my photo challenge post today was with a film camera you were paying to see the inside of your lens cap.

There are a bunch of pictures of the kids hanging out in the house. Then some pictures of a school event for the twins. My dad was there; I suspect I was off somewhere else at the time of the pictures. The first pictures of Paris are from the hotel room after we got there. Our taxi driver got lost on the way to the hotel in La Defence. I suspect now, knowing Paris cab drivers that he knew where he was going, just wanted to charge the Americans more.

We settled into the Marriott Renaissance La Defence (my meetings were actually in the hotel). We were exhausted. We managed to wander down, have dinner in the hotel and walk around La Defence a little. Then it was off to bed. The next day, I got up early for my meeting, and my wife got up early to see Paris. Again, Paris was one of the cities she specifically had told me before we got married that she had to go to see.


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