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The last of the poster project was the first poster project—that of our daughter. The pictures are like the ones from the twins, ones she chooses. Our firstborn child, she arrived as Harry Chapin said in his song “cat’s in the cradle” in the usual way. I remember the day she was born. Dr. Strangelove was on the TV as she arrived. That fact gets me in trouble with my wife and my daughter now. It was off, and I was focused on the moment. But they tease me that I wanted the movie on. The doctor handed my daughter to me; I was the first person on earth to hold her (family) and cut the umbilical cord.  That night I walked around the halls of University Hospital with my daughter.

The first two pictures are of the BFF’s. Fran arrived at our house in the summer of 2001. From 2001 to 1014, she guided, protected, and of course, disciplined my daughter. When my daughter was hurt, though, you didn’t make her cry more. If you did, Fran would growl at you. The two of them did everything together, and it was always interesting. My wife’s favorite story about our daughter and Fran is the story of Fran, our daughter, and 4h dog training. My wife would take our daughter as I was often out of town. She would take pictures of Fran dragging our daughter across the various agility things. Sometimes Fran would stop, and because she was heavier than our daughter, that was the end.

The last two are birthday celebrations. Our daughter loved the American Girl Dolls. Our daughter moved with us a couple of times. She was born when we lived in Maineville and was tiny when we moved to Western Hills. That was the last time my wife, friends, and a rental truck moved us! After that, we broke down and paid someone else to do it! When our daughter was little in Western Hills, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati), she had a room decorated with Paddington Bear. I loved Paddington Bear. It was in that room that I created the Moon song for her. I have shared that before, but here is a link to my podcast. https://docandersen.podbean.com/. I share a lot of interesting things there as well!!


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