Wander project of Parents, and the gift they give and the gift they are..

The smiles are worth the staying up late and putting together toys. Over time the reality of Christmas fades for children. They, forget the things parents did when they were little. Then, they find themselves as the creators of Christmas and well the cycle starts anew! My wife, my mother, and my sisters have always extended themselves to create the best family Christmas’s. I will always be in their debt on this day for the wonder and joy they have worked so hard to bring to all of us. My dad’s special Christmas breakfast was one of my favorite holiday traditions. This year I tried to recreate two of his signature meals. I didn’t do as well with the crown roast (it was more towards the rare side) because of the change in time for the event. But it was fun to try.

This morning a traditional dad Christmas Breakfast. There are many things our parents give us that we don’t pay homage to, memories, gifts, and support. We sometimes forget to stop and say “thanks mom, thanks, dad.” I know my parents put together toys for us when we were kids. Staying up late and assembling the toys. One of my favorites was after the lunar landing my dad bought a motorized astronaut set. He enjoyed it so much, that while assembling it, he played with it to the point of draining the batteries. I was told Santa had forgotten batteries, but we would pick them up the day after Christmas. I can’t say as I cared, I loved playing with the toys anyway. With or Without Batteries.

My Christmas day share for 2018 remembers all the wonderful things my parents did for me. It wasn’t just this day, this moment that they were there. They picked up the pieces for me when I was crushed. They celebrated the great moments, and they always waited up to make sure I was safe. They yelled at me when I screwed up (which happened I am sure far more than my parents would have wished, but I was a kid still learning). My mother and father taught me to swallow pills. After I slammed into a tree in Cambridge Wisconsin, my mother taught me basic first aid. I still use the lessons my mother taught me then, to take care of those around me. Be calm, clean the wound and access the damage. Those who panic end up in worse shape.

We disagree, argue and struggle to separate from our parents. That is a part of life that all undergo, but sometimes you just have to stop and say Thanks, mom, Thanks, Dad. Your gift of time, of taking care of us during crisis and celebrations is not something we thank for enough!


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Written by DocAndersen

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