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I remember my father’s office. We went there often on the weekend. The science education department was in the old University School. Called the old school because on the far side of campus, they built a new University School, and the school of education moved into the old school. That was my earliest memory of my father’s office.  Dad spent more than 30 years at Indiana University first as a student, then as a professor for many years. The pictures today are slides my dad used over the years. Dad was one of the people that developed the inquiry method for teaching science education. These slides are parts of his slide deck. Over the years, he changed often.

First, for many years he used overheads. He then switched to slides. Later it was computerized, and he used first Harvard Graphics and then PowerPoint. The scans today are of the slides. Dad had made, so that is roughly 30 years old. One of them is reversed, and I apologize that I still struggle to edit my father’s pictures for personal emotional issues. The way my kids last touch them, but without edits before that touched by my dad. I will reverse and redo some of these slides later, but for now, I can’t edit them. I try not to share any that are badly positioned. We have a number of them after all that were scanned right side, might as well use those.

Anyway, when we went to dad’s office back in the day, we got to have a coke. There were always bottles of coke in the fridge in the old High School Greenhouse that stuck off the main area of the Science education department. The classroom was to the right; for many years, dad’s office was in the corner of the main room. He moved to other offices over the years. But in the early days, he was right by the greenhouse.  The funny thing is that when I was in college many years later, and in the school of education, the school of education was still in the same building. I have many memories of the building as a child, as a student, and then later as it became part of the IU School of Misc. I miss my dad’s old office!


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  1. That is very interesting. I know my dad as the editor of the Latvian newspaper would have been thrilled to have the use of some kind of technology. He arrived at the newspaper when the still had those clanging and banging machines that printed the newspapers in days gone by. I was tiny and the machines where huge and loud and dad kept an eagle eye on me is what I remember

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