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More water pictures, the parks around where we live are opening next weekend. While we are selling our boat, we still have a couple of canoes. So my wife and I are going to take the kayaks over to the local lake (Boyd’s Lake) and wander around a bit. It costs more per year to register a big boat (around US 100) than to register a canoe (around US 5 dollars). I understand the why of that. Ultimately it costs the state a lot more money for big sailboats and big powerboats in the water than a canoe. Canones tend to be human or electric motor powered. There is the concept of a square end canoe, and you can put a small 5hp engine on that and run the boat.

But for the most part, canoes are paddled by humans. We haven’t explored Boyds Lake other than the shore, so this could be fun. We are also going to take Finding Nemo with us. Finding Nemo is an ROV I backed on Kickstarter last year. I have been dying for the chance to see and record things underwater. We played with the ROV on Boyds lake previous year but didn’t take video. This year we will take underwater video, and I am excited to do that. Video underwater and sonar are fun to play with. You can see what is beneath the water without getting wet! Although, when it gets a bit warmer, I do enjoy getting into the water and getting wet as well!

I will end with another memory of Lake Ripley. I spent so many summers there, but a member of my family grew up on that lake. Well, she was around the teen years when they moved from Chicago to Wisconsin. I never asked mom if she felt that moving from the big city to the tiny Wisconsin town was a culture shock. I always thought that myself.  For me, I always felt the transition to the small Indiana town was tough. I believe that is why I have moved to be near cities for most of my adult life. I’ve never asked, I guess I will post in my blog today! I am sure mom will respond to this! Anyway, my mother grew up on the shores of Lake Ripley, where I spent summers there, she was there when the snow was piled higher than the house!

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AC and humidity make for foggy pictures

This is one of the boat quilts my mother made for us!

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