Wander project Mexico (third day lots of pictures)!

Wandering back down Mexico way one more time (I took a lot of pictures). We spent a day at the local water park. That was an amazing experience. The water park mixed the traditional water slides with the always fun lazy river and large wave pool. I have to admit I went down the tube slide a few times. They are a lot of fun overall. You fly down the tube, sometimes seeing the sky sometimes actually in the dark.

The other thing you will notice is lots more pictures of the beach. We spent a lot of time on the beach in front of the hotel. We also wandered over to listen to a time-share presentation as well. I am not sure what motivated us to go to the presentation, but we did. Well, they offered us tickets to the water park if we would sit and listen to the presentation on the advantage of getting a time share in Mexico.

Interesting, but in the end not for us. The water park was for us, we’ve been to many over the years including the one near Kings Island in Ohio, the one in King’s Island in Ohio and the ones at Disney World. I didn’t go to the one at Disney World, my wife took my daughter, and I stayed in the room with exhausted sleeping boys. They were at the age when they could skip their morning nap but not both naps. They were a little older in Mexico!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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