Wander project Mexico

While there are many wonderful images of snow I could share I get cold when I only share snow.

I find that sometimes I wander well away from the pictures when I write my blog. The goal of the mix of pictures and text is a memory. The memories don’t always link between the picture and what I am writing. Sometimes life interjects a different stream of reality for me to consider. Right now I am struggling with a couple of things that I am not sure what to do with or about. One of them is that my children have now all graduated from high school.

That makes me feel old.

The other thing is the ever-expanding rhetoric of hate that seems to fill my newsfeed when I read it. I did for a long time spent he newsfeed right away every single day. That is no longer the case. Now I only read the news once a day, and I limit the amount of news I read. I do still maintain my grandfather’s tradition whenever I can, of watching the evening news. There is no Walter Cronkite, and I no longer watch CBS news. But I do watch the news as my grandfather did.

The common things that we share both generations, time and cultural changes are part of why I do my family history project. I am always aware of the changes that make up the world I am in. It is a part of what I want to leave for those here after me. The moments that this blog captures, shares and hopefully shines a small amount of light on. At least, the light that I can shine. I am not perfect; I just write a lot.

Sorry, today has been a wander away from the images. I figure the beaches of Mexico don’t need me waxing poetic about them.


What do you think?


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