Wander project Maryland…

I remember as a child seeing the sites of Europe, the history that was 600, 700 or more years old (and beyond that as well). In Indiana as a child I lived in Bloomington Indiana, we celebrated our 150th anniversary while I was still in 3rd or 4th grade. We then boarded a plane and flew to Bangkok Thailand, that was celebrating more than 2000 years of being a major city. That difference in time is something that always makes me stop and pause.

The engineering marvel shared today is the remainder of the C&O Canal. We have been there many times, at many different locations along the Canal route. Once to be the water highway of the Eastern US, the C&O canal has been restored in many places. The oldest Lock Houses being nearly 250 years old. Makes some of the European Buildings we say two summers ago look a lot older by comparison. Time is the great equalizer in the end.

Both dogs love wandering along the canal. Mostly because they love going for walks. But also because there are a lot of Have, That’s along the trail. Have That, is a phrase one of the twins came up with to describe my dog’s reaction to a Rabbit on one walk. The actual phrase uttered was “I want to have that.” We shorted the sitings of rabbits, geese and most critically the hated Squirrel, to have that’s. Laboradors hate squirrels. I didn’t know that before we encountered them on our walk!


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Written by DocAndersen

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