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wander project lunch and then cleaning the boat…

Over time, my wife has remained my best friend. Best friend, a term used often in the media to describe your best friend. When I was traveling the world (sometimes my wife got to go with me when my parents were able to watch the kids.) I would always tell my wife that the trip wasn’t real until she saw the pictures of where I had been. In a relationship, there are always halves. There are parts of the whole. The relationship is something that grows over time. My wife and I like to do things together in the Spring and Summer; we have traditionally gone boating or gone off into the woods on long walks. In the fall, we like to pick a place we have never been to and go!

Or we like to ride our tandem bike. On this particular Saturday, we were wandering down to the boat. But the boat was not operational, so we decided to clean the boat. To fortify ourselves for the cleaning, we stopped for lunch at the Yellowfin. We had driven by the restaurant 20 or 40 times over the past four years. We don’t often go to fancy sit down restaurants on the way to the boat. Mostly we stop at a deli or a local resistant and grab something and eat on the boat as we head out to the Bay. But since we were cleaning, it felt like the perfect day to stop and have a great lunch. Which, by the way, it was a great lunch! I had the best fish and chips!

Lunch was fantastic, as is always the case. The company for the meal was amazing! Our waiter was pretty funny as well. My wife did not do her usually while eating near water joke (pointing at a dead floating fish and saying I’ll have that). We enjoyed lunch and then headed to the boat to do some cleaning. We scrubbed the boat from top to bottom, well top to bottom of the exposed parts. Some of the boat sits underwater all the time. It isn’t a fun project, one we do two or three times a year. We put it off, but this time it was a lot of fun. I think it was because we went out to lunch first.  Over the years we have done this many times, cleaning the boat, stopping for lunch makes it a little more fun!!!!


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