Wander project London, and my 10 all time favorite cities to visit!

Wandering Londontown. Had a blast the week we were there. We had the Sunday before we had to work and the Saturday after to enjoy London. I can, having been many times say that London is one of my all-time favorite cities. I ranked them before in various blogs of the past (sadly it was on Niume, so the blog is longer available online). Quickly my all-time favorite cities are:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Dublin
  3. Bangkok
  4. London
  5. Prague

The list changes all the time of course, but I can honestly say the first four have pretty much been on my list for years. I love visiting those cities. Dublin is one of the experiences that you have in life, that you remember. London is a city to see, a place to wander. Let us not forget Bangkok and of course Copenhagen. Each of the cities on my list is a place I been to, enjoyed and wandered. Bangkok and Copenhagen are the only two cities so far on my top five list that I have taken my family, and that I visited with my parents. My wife and I have also been to Paris and Paris is a city that my parents and I stopped on our way to Bangkok. But Paris doesn’t make my list. It is a beautiful city, but far too often I’ve felt like a tourist in the city. In London and Dublin, I always felt like I was just home. Bangkok was home for a time, so that is a natural extension, but I still love the city now, even as it has changed radically from the Bangkok of my memories. Copenhagen is the one place I go to, that is always perfect.

The next five cities on my list, if I were to expand it out to ten are:

  1. Chicago
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Washington DC
  4. Seattle
  5. Honolulu

Chicago is a city that I love; it moves up and down the list frequently. Mostly because I don’t go as often and forget the things about Chicago that I love. The others are cities that I have spent considerable time in, and places that are wonderful to visit! There you have my top 10 cities I love list. It is slightly different than the one I published two years ago. IT will be different in two years again! The cities in bold are the ones I’ve visited with both my parents (well at least my mother) and my wife and kids. The rest I’ve visited on my own, except for Amsterdam where I got the chance to take my wife and kids but never visited with my parents.

The world is a small place, filled with wonder and we must share that wonder!


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