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I am going to wrap up my message to my future grandkids and my kids today. It has been a lot of fun, and I’ve published six or so things to convey to future generations. My last message would start to be careful about the small stuff. They always say they don’t sweat the small stuff, but sometimes you have to be aware of the little thing. It may derail your situation. Small stuff can sometimes be significant later. So make sure you understand that small stuff before you don’t sweat it. That is a lesson that took me many years to learn. I wonder that maybe I should share the things that made me forever to understand. Or are those things inherent in growing up?That your father or mother is probably right, I do say “probably” no one is perfect. But, I found over time that my parents, my grandparents, were, in fact, right more than they weren’t right. I would pass that lesson on. It was a tough won lesson for me. You see, I realized that sometimes my mother, my father, or my grandparents evaluated the small stuff. So when they guided me, they saw the impact of that little stuff. Learn from those who have been around. They sometimes know the way things work. I find myself telling people that all the time about the internet. Pay attention to those that already walked the mile you are about to walk!

I do know from personal experience that passing on the lessons I’ve learned doesn’t work, but if my mother does it, the kids listen. There are a generational thing and connection that happens. But I would say that at least look. Sometimes the best advice comes from someone that has been there and done that. Expertise is occasionally hard-won and always has value. You may disagree but always consider the lesson. You never know if you missed something in evaluating a problem. There will come a time, now for me, that I know I miss my grandfather and my father. I asked them questions all the time and now I can’t. I still ask my mom, and she always gives great advice, but there will come a time when you will realize the value of those you request.

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  1. The advice of the elderly is unique. Do you know why? Because they have many years of life experience. In our younger years we do not realize it. But when we become parents we understand it. It happened to my sons too. They are already parents. I am glad that they pass on to their children what they have learned from the adults in our family.


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