Wander project the Indianapolis Zoo circa 2001!

We have a season pass to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. I think if you asked most people know Indianapolis for the Colts, Pacers and the Indianapolis 500. I think more people should go to both the zoo and the children’s museum. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has long rated one of the best in the entire world. The zoo is also fantastic. While we had a season pass to the zoo for many years, I didn’t get to go as often. So there are fewer pictures of zoo trips.

This is one trip I got to be a part of in 2001. Early on post our move back to Indiana. I got a lot of great pictures of animals and the kids learning. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo (which is world famous) many times when we lived in Cincinnati. But the Indianapolis Zoo is special for my wife and I. It was the first place both of us got to experience a zoo. As children, we both grew up in Bloomington Indiana, and while we didn’t know each other, our parents knew about the zoo and took both of us. The location we went to was closed in the early 1990’s, and the Zoo moved to its current location near the white river and downtown Indianapolis Indiana.

The images are taken with an old digital camera, so there are a few light and blurry issues. Overall my favorite pictures are the elephants. Ever since I lived in Thailand, I have loved elephants. I loved dogs and still do, but Thailand opened my eyes to the wonder of elephants. Plus when you see the images with the kids in them the smiles just make me happy. I love the fact that the smiles they had then as small children can still be seen in the larger adult versions that live with us today. What a fun day at the Indianapolis Zoo!


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