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Nature Tuesday Challenge – monkey

Photo from Thailand for Nature Tuesday challenge. 

It says not enjoy the result, but the process itself. Maybe. But I know the road can sometimes be very pitted and you have to go barefoot. I know that sharp stones can hurt my feet. You may also be angry that your burden is heavier than the others. Or you can take what’s yours and go knowing where and why you’re going.

Each of us is going in our own way. And it’s not a punishment, it’s not even a test. This is just another opportunity to confirm our choice.

And when I feel that I am losing motivation, that the misery sets in my head, often, I open old photos that I would not forget why I am working, what I want as a reward for my efforts – to see something new as much as I can, to meet new people, to visit new places, to broaden my worldview.

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