Wander project Indianapolis (and my wife’s wander).

Today we wander to Indianapolis Indiana proper, near the campus of Indiana University/Purdue University or more commonly called IUPUI. That was where my wife graduated from the School Social Work with her Masters in Social Work. My wife is one of the rare people that took ten years to finish her bachelor’s. Life intervened as it is wont to do. But she stuck with her goal of finishing a degree. Then it was off to Cincinnati Ohio with me to start her career.

She realized fairly early on in her business career that she wasn’t happy as a business person. We worked hard for a couple of years as a couple trying to help her find a way to live with or even tolerate being in the business world but it wasn’t her style. We decided the best course of action was for her to come home and take care of the kids. When she first came home it was the girls at home. Then the boys came after she had been home for a year and we moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana.

It was when the boys were five or six years old that my wife again began to have the itch to study. To become or achieve her lifelong goal of being in the helping professions. She wasn’t sure which of the helping she wanted to pursue, her dream was to be a social worker and help people. As her parents struggled with their last years and the issues facing elder Americans, my wife finally concluded that she wanted to focus on helping people in the last stages of their life. When we moved to Maryland, she had a degree nearly done, and now was becoming a Hospice Social Worker. I cannot tell you how proud all of us were. The images shared today come from her graduation.


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Written by DocAndersen

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