Wander project in search again of childhood wonder…

When I look back at the pictures being shared today (I’ve shared them before), I am drawn to a couple of the pictures. The first is Gwen our dog, stalking me. She took great delight in hunting, stalking and pouncing on me when she was younger. She loved to play. She and I, when we lived in Cincinnati, often took long walks together. Not as regularly as I do now with the Labs, but often then as well. Gwen was a unique creature. I am not sure she understood us, but she loved us.

The other pictures in this blast that interest me are for two vastly different reasons. The first is all the pictures of the kids playing. There is innocence in play that we lose as we age. A wonder that we stop feeling or seeing in the world. Somehow we as adults need to recapture that wonder. We need to find the magic of play again. I love seeing the faces lit with smiles, carefree playing in the play area or bouncing on the trampoline. The quiet wonder of childhood. Except, it was never quiet.

 The last set of images specific to this share is that of flowers and geese. I know, there are a lot of exceptional photographers that love to take pictures of flowers, they share the most amazing images of the delicate plants. I am not a great photographer, but I love taking pictures of flowers. They represent to me, my chasing that path to wonder again. It is my attempt in capturing the image of the flower, to find a path back to the wonder. The other is the geese. Beautiful certainly, but they represent the noise, the bustle and the responsibility of the adult world to me. I had to clean up after the geese. I had to listen to the geese. What I want to do, is bask in the silence of the flowers and flow outward from the beauty. Instead, I find where the Geese have been, and hear them honking ever louder as they approach.

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