Wander project ice hanging and winter is coming…

There is something about water dripping off the eaves of a house in winter. Forming the long icicles that remind us ever of the stalagmite and stalagtites of the caves. One pushing ever towards the roof the other hanging from the roof pushing ever towards the ground. Icicles are truly beautiful. Of course, they may mean you have a problem, as in not enough insulation in your home for the snow to stay on the roof. If the snow melts off your roof, you may have a problem.

I have many pictures of the icicles in the house. Mostly of my parent’s old house although a few from the porch of our house in Greenwood. I did at the time also have pictures from Cincinnati of the Icicles hanging to the ground. They were in the 1000’s of scanned pictures that comprised the family history project at the time. I would love to say for me it was a learning experience, a film study an art of the possible camera image concept.

It wasn’t I just like taking pictures of Icicles.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Just that I don’t have a grand scheme nor was I learning, improving my camera skills. I just like the way they look, hanging from the roof of the house. I guess sometimes aesthetics are as important as art. I just wish I could also take the art picture from time to time.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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