Wander project the houses we owned, and Greenwood/Bloomington Indiana.

Today we wander two places (Greenwood and Bloomington). The funny thing about houses, we bought our first house in Western Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio. The house we bought was in a neighborhood around the corner from a park and a church. The house itself was built in 1932. It was more than 40 years old when we bought it, and to this day remains the oldest house we’ve ever bought. We then built our house in 1998 in Willow Cove part of Mt. Airy and still in Cincinnati Ohio. Moving to Indiana in 1999 we bought a house built in 1992. So while it was our third house, it was the second oldest we ever owned. Finally, we moved to Maryland and bought a house built in 1999. So our newest house is our youngest house as well.

Why am I talking about this? Because through all those houses we lived in and the three different cities my folks lived in the house they had on Kinser Pike.

Some of the pictures shared today are of the kids playing in my dad’s study. As a college professor, well actually just as a person my father loved books. When he retired, he brought home so many books that they had to move his home office to the old garage, so there was a cement floor strong enough to support the weight of the books. They, mom and dad, built a book shelf along two of the walls of the old garage and added a new garage onto the house. The gas powered fireplace in the office kept the temperature warm.

Finally a few more snow pictures. There are things you take pictures of, small children playing in the snow is one of those things. Well at least for me it is. We’ve mentioned the other two things that I think photographers should focus on. If someone takes a picture, take a picture of them taking a picture. If there is a sign take a picture of the sign. I know those two are just me, but it makes me happy to take those pictures!


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