Wander project Hawaii 2008

Our first trip as a couple to Hawaii was on the island of Lanai. Lanai or what was once called Pineapple Island had two distinct resorts located on it. The first was the ocean front the second was the inland resort. We stayed at the inland resort and had a blast.

We were there for five days. These pictures are of the many different things we did on that trip. From just relaxing and enjoying the day (Barb did a spa day I did a relax by the pool with a cigar day).  We went horseback riding, which was a lot of fun, riding up into the hills of Lanai. We also got to take the Ferry over to Oahu and enjoy a wonderful dinner overlooking the bay.

One of the best parts was being kidded free. I love my kids, but sometimes you just need to get away and remember why you got married in the first place. My parents stayed with the Kids in Greenwood, while my wife and I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. We brought home so many macadamia nuts it was insane. I love macadamia nuts. The best art the garlic infused macadamia’s, well the chocolate ones are good as well. Oh heck, they are all good. We brought home roughly 12 bags. Plus other fun trinkets for the kids. The ones they hated were the Hawaii Pencils we brought them. My wife thought that was a good idea. The kids all said, “you went to Hawaii and all we got was pencils!”


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Written by DocAndersen

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