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Vacations are interesting when you have children. We took our kids to Mexico twice. We took them to Europe; we took them to Hawaii and the Beach several times. We’ve gone to Florida and Twinsburg Ohio. But the first trip to Hawaii was only my wife and I. We didn’t take the kids because it was a work reward trip. We flew from Indianapolis to Minneapolis (our Polis tour of the Midwest). We had to wait a couple of hours, and ended up having lunch and relaxing. Then we flew from Minneapolis to Honolulu. From Honolulu, we got on a prop plane and few to Lanai. We landed in Lanai late in the evening and took a bus from the tiny airport to the resort (there are two on Lanai, one by the sea and one inland. We were at the inland location).

We had six wonderful days on the Island of Lanai. (well one of the days we spent half the day on Oahu, on the back side of the island.). Funny story, we went to the backside location of Oahu, where during WWII was a Naval personnel staging area. My wife’s father spent part of WWII in that location. Sometimes funny how things go in cycles. Also funny when you realize you are walking somewhere that a member of your family walked many years before (60 years to be exact at that point). My father-in-law was a signalman in the US Navy during the war. He served on a landing craft that took soldiers from the ship to shore. Loud noises would make him jump, 60 years later.

We went back to Hawaii in 2015, with my entire family (after my father had passed). But that first trip my wife and I took, was beyond amazing. We rode horses, wandered the beaches and enjoyed wonderful food and activities. We even got to see Kool and the Gang in person (they played one of the evening events at the Beach Hotel). It was a magical experience. We also wandered the golf course and the little town. We took tours and learned about the history of Lanai. Lanai was originally a pineapple plantation owned by the original Dole, that founded Dole Corporation. You could see the vestiges of the pineapple process all around the island. A fun trip!


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