Wander project more Greenwood snow!

In the US there is an old Ice Chain known as Dairy Queen. I suspect you could probably find a connection between Dairy Queen the Ice Cream shop and Burger King the fast food burger joint, but that is not the point of today’s wander. The images here, of the blizzard of 2007 in Greenwood Indiana. Why a blizzard? Why Dairy Queen? It just so happens that one of the ice cream treats Dairy Queen invented happens to be the Blizzard, It is a milkshake that is very thick and has another candy in it such as Heath or Snickers bars. A two for one taste treat normally eaten with a spoon.

Mother Nature’s blizzards you don’t eat with a spoon, They are the winter storm equivalent of a Hurricane or a Thunder Storm. Lots of wind, lots of snow and lots of cold. The cold is important because wet snow (around 32 degrees F air temperature) sticks to the ground. Dryer snow (below 25 degrees) can be blown around.  Mix 4 or more inches of snow on the ground, snow still falling and winds over 30 mph and you are getting close to a blizzard. The snow starts to form piles as it meets barriers.

When the wind can’t push something out of the way, the snow stops. It creates what is called drift. It makes for an unpleasant day unless you can stay indoors. Then it just looks unpleasant outdoors. That is until you run out of milk and have to shovel the driveway with the wind blowing. Or use the snow blower only to have all the snow you blow, the blowback on the driveway. Anyway, for the blizzard, we didn’t have to leave the house. But, it was cold. Snow isn’t your friend!


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Written by DocAndersen

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