Wander project Greenwood IN (wander to warm)

Because of clouds, I missed the 1/31 convergence moon (Super Moon, blue moon, and blood moon on the same night – very rare!). I have in the past captured images of the moon. We start off today’s wander to warm project with the moon over Greenwood Indiana. When the moon hits your eye, you are probably too close, The pool was in our backyard, and over the years we lived there was a magnet for all the kids in the neighborhood.

My fondest memory of the pool was my daughter’s dog, Fran. She often got ear infections, so didn’t like getting her head wet. But she also didn’t want the kids in the pool playing without supervision. She would stand on the top step of the shallow end of the pool and watch the kids. Gwen didn’t care so she would be off hunting chipmunks. Every once in awhile she would find one, and I would have a mess to clean up.

For the first week or so the pool opened, the hot tub was for adults only. Notice I said for the first week. Every day for the first week the kids would ask to sit in the hot tub. Every day we said no, then sadly our resolve broke and we let the kids into the hot tub. We were never allowed to enjoy the hot tub again. It always had kids in it. They would heat up in the hot tub, jump into the pool, then run back to the hot tub. It was originally intended as an adult only hot tub.

Da moon over Greenwood!

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