Wander project Greenwood IN (Pool Party)

One of the last blasts of the film we ever took. A party we held on a summer day, focused on being in and around the pool. It was a work/friend party. Somehow my wife got the camera and started taking pictures. I suspect as I have learned that is a bad idea. Mostly because when she gets the camera there are more pictures of me. Other than images of my thumb I prefer to be an off-camera entity. One that is felt 9ee the shadow?) but never actually seen!

We had some pool parties over the years for the many different groups we were a part of or enjoyed. Work parties, church parties and sometimes just our neighbors. We had neighbors on one side who were extremely nice but very private people. We invited them often, but they never came over. Our neighbors across the court and on the other side, however often came over. To relax and let the kids swim.

Pool parties normally meant an early morning of going out, opening the pool and then skimming it, so there was no debris. It also meant balancing the chemical levels so that the water was a perfect blue. It meant cleaning off the chairs we had near the pool and getting the hot tub ready. It was a 4 to 6-hour experience. I have to say, looking back I loved every pool party we had, but I do not miss the pool work that had to happen. Let alone the time spent opening and closing the pool each year. I enjoyed the days of pool ownership, but never again!

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