Wander project Grand Bahama Island

There are so many things to do on the Magic, but the ports of call (two) were also fun. The first was the Grand Bahama island. We rode around the city on a horse-drawn carriage. Well, my daughter I and I that, the boys were napping and my wife was napping as well (I think ?). The first activity though was right away in the morning to wander the harbor in a glass bottom boat. I suspect if our boat had a glass bottom in the bay, we would have to be cleaning it daily.

I had never been to Grand Bahama in all my travels so that part was a lot of fun for me. Getting to ride around the city in a horse carriage with my daughter was also a lot of fun. As I said in my previous post we didn’t get to see her often; she was in the kids club. That night was also fun in that we had Cinderella coming to the stateroom to babysit while my wife and I went out and pretended we were adults for an evening.

We went to the bar for a couple’s show.  Well, it was a couple’s trivia show. We ended up being selected as the couple in the middle (newlyweds on one side, a retired couple on the other side, we were the middle from the middle). We also finished the trivia contest in the middle. SO the middle couple from the middle finished in the middle of the pack of three. Sometimes things work out that way. It was fun getting to go out and be an adult for an evening!

ok i love being on the water

lighthouses make me happy

rolling into port

slow roll into port, light house again!

We had a blast on the glass bottom boat@

Harbor traffic control tower

Wife, child

quay waiting for the glass bottom boat

The stern of the Magic

nearly full view of the Disney Magic

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