Wander project from Shady Side to Annapolis Maryland

The trip across the Bay, well the edges of the Bay didn’t take that long. We were able to cruise at top speed for a considerable time wandering past the Thomas Light House and the line of ships waiting to unload their cargo.  Driving a boat is different than a car, but very much similar. You don’t have brakes, but you have to watch the gauges just like when you drive your car. You also have to scan the surface of the water this time of year.

You don’t want to destroy your props by hitting a half-submerged log. There is a lot of winter debris in the water in early spring; you have to watch for that. The Chesapeake Bay is fed by a series of rivers. Rivers carry downstream all the things that fall into the water upstream. We didn’t see any logs, but there was a lot of debris in the water. Our other issue was that our ties were on the boat, not on the posts ready to tie the boat off.

That meant when we got to the marina we had to scramble for a bit. We had to take the lines off the back couch of the boat and place them on the tie poles. Then tie the boat off. We were drifting around a bit in the slip as the wind picked up once we were in Back Creek. We moved around quite a bit, but were able to tie off and then hop onshore! The new dock even has an end place for lower boats to easily climb on the dock. A very nice addition!

Boating season has arrived!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. The rule for the family history project is all pictures taken have to be shared! It was what I setup years ago when I started.

    Happy to have a conversation about changing that rule, but just so you know that was my original rule for my Family History and Wander projects.