Wander project flowers of the past on the first day of Spring!

I got a comment the other day on one of the sets of snow pictures; I think it was Ellie. The gist of the comment was I am ready for spring. That said, so am I. Based on that I thought I would share a few pictures from the collection of flowers. The tricky part comes when I have to admit, I love taking pictures of flowers but I could not, do not and probably never could properly identify the flowers in the pictures. My father could, just by looking at them identify them. I did not ever gain that skill.

The flowers are from our yard and my parent’s yard in Bloomington IN, and Greenwood IN, They are from roughly 12 years ago. I have taken pictures of flowers all over the world. I love catching bees and other insects in flight in or around flowers. I suspect some of my best pictures of flowers are taken with the better camera, so I can’t share them. Most of the camera’s I have from 8 or so years ago, the images can be shared.

Newer cameras have 20, 24 gig files that are two and three times larger than the overall maximum file size here on virily. I would love to say that you are missing my masterworks, the great pictures I’ve taken, but the reality is other than being a little sharper, the bigger images aren’t a whole lot better. They are just bigger. I don’t take many epic pictures. I do take a few, really good pictures but very few epic.

Anyway today on the first day of spring, flowers!


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Written by DocAndersen

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