Wander project flowers and water!

I took a lot of pictures of the flowers alongside the railroad tracks in Indiana. These are four more examples of that. Gwen and I would often wander around the edges of the yard as the kids played on the trampoline or in the swing set area. Fran would stay by her girl, watching her in case she attempted to escape (ok, that was my view, I am sure Fran was just loyal). Gwen wasn’t as involved with the kids, so that she would follow me around. Perhaps to make sure I didn’t try to escape. The yard boarded the railroad tracks that were on a small incline. It means when the train went by, you could hear the rattling of the wheels and the overall sound of the train.

We had a lot of Carindals in the area where the pictures were taken. Just a little away, the one area of the yard was plated with serval native Indiana plants, including Honeysuckle and others. The Cardinals were in the tree area right behind that. The trees had been planted when they put the railroad in. So they grew on the slight incline of the track. At one end of our yard was the rail trestle. We had a babbling brook that fed the retention pond at the end of the property.  There was also a concrete drain there. We had the entire neighborhood water draining into our back yard. It is an exciting story. We, when we built the pool, had a drain added to route the water.

Later in a massive rainstorm, our house was the only one that didn’t flood (basement) in the entire neighborhood, even though we were at the bottom of the hill. That drain moved a lot of water away from our house. It did, however, fill up with debris. There were a few times I had to go out and work the waste-free of the drain grate so that water would flow. Otherwise, it would have created a lake in our side yard. Lots of fun memories of standing ankle keep in the water, trying to figure out what was blocking the storm drain. Eventually, we gave up on the mulch in the play yard. That meant if the drain overflowed, it wasn’t as bad overall. But that took a few years.

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