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My wife’s family is much larger than my family is. There are two distinct groups. Her mother’s family is from Wisconsin, and her dad was from Southern Indiana. My wife was adopted, and the wonderful people that adopted her had these magical families. We attended family reunions in Wisconsin that had more than 40 people at the event. The other family in southern Indiana also got together, and we would have 40 people at the events as well. The pictures today are from a part just outside of Martinsville, Indiana. Martinsville sits between Bloomington and Indianapolis and is famous as the birthplace of College Basketball coaching legend John Wooden.

The part was perfect for a reunion, and the family took over one of the shelters. I was outside watching the kids. My wife had to make the rounds to see all the family members and say hi. I did the same later, but to start somebody had to watch the twins. The pictures are of the kids playing on the playground equipment. The other fun thing bout this particular park was that one end of the park was at the bottom of a huge hill. The other end of the park was at the top of that huge hill. We climbed the hill twice during the event, and the twins went to sleep the minute we got into the car to head home. Sometimes with twins, that is the best way to spend a day!

The hill was the remains of the last Ice age. 10,000 or so years ago, a giant block of ice flowed down from Canada.  The glaciers dug out the basin for the Great Lakes and pushed the soil, rock, and debris through Indiana until stopped by temperature.  The resulting melting Ice created what is called a Marriage. That is, the debris pushed all the way across Indiana and left as debris. The hill in part was glacial till. Indiana is split, and Martinsville is the line. On the north side of Martinsville, Indiana is pretty flat. On the south side, there are hills and valleys created by the rushing water from melting glaciers. I learned that when I was six years old. It was repeated every time we drove north during my childhood!

hurry we will be the first explorers on top the slide ever!


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