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Our favorite dog park is just a little north of our house. The Blackhills park is both a human and a dog-friendly park. Dylan and Raven love going on the various walks in the park. Dylan’s favorite walk in the Blackhills is the walk we took that the pictures are from (after the two of them). The Water’s Mill sign is down the hill from the dog park. Across from the sign, is the creek that runs now into the reservoir. Dylan loves to walk into the water of the creek. There is a gentle bend, and the water is a little over chest-deep for Dylan. He loves to get into the water after he is a Lab and Labs are water dogs. He would look at me, look at the creek, I would let the leash loose, and he would be in the water.

The area of Maryland where we are has very strict dog leash laws. So they had to be on the leash at all times. Raven the first time we went to the park, refreshed to get into the water. We think, based on her fear, that in fact, she had been traumatized by water before she joined our family. When she first lived with us, the sound of running water would make her very upset. She would pull away from storm drains when we were waring during or right after rainstorms. But, these pictures are from the 3rd or 4th visit, and Raven was over her fear of water. She walked right alongside Dylan and enjoyed the water. That was a good thing, it was a really hot day, and the water was cold!

The rest of the walk takes you alongside the developed part of the lake. One whole side of the upper part of the lake is the park. The rest has houses and lots of wildlife. Mostly deer, Coyotes and foxes tend not to be in the area around humans as much. The park is also near the new Clarksburg Outlet Mall; we wander there from time to time. The prices in an outlet mall tend to be less than in a regular mall. Plus, it is outdoors, and walking around the entire mall is quite a few steps (we got 2200 steeps the last time we walked around the mall)!  We don’t let Dylan get into the Lake as much; it is very stagnant and doesn’t smell well, good. If Dylan gets in, he gets a cold water bath before he is allowed in the car (my wife’s rules0!


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