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Over the past four years of the family history project, I’ve come to realize two things. First, that on vacation your smile is different than the smile you normally have. Second in reviewing the pictures from Disney World again, that there is a magic in a Disney Smile that is different yet than even a vacation smile. At least on the kids, I see parents who, vowing to stay up and play cards, end up falling asleep 10, 12 minutes after the kids do.

Some of the pictures show interesting light displays over Cinderella’s castle. I would love to say that the images were planned. They were, in part, planned. My daughter wanted pictures of the castle as we were in the parks. She loved the way it was lit up at night and asked for pictures at night as well. I was using one of the original Kodak Digital cameras, and it had a very slow shutter speed. So the light show over the castle was born.

The pictures are ones that I have shared and printed many times. I don’t often tell the story of their creation, instead of letting people marvel at my luck. I always tell people they were lucky shots and couldn’t be recreated by better digital cameras. It was in the early days of the digital camera, and the concept of shutter speed was yet to be an issue. The original Kodak Digital Camera didn’t even take video, just still shots. The concept of 60 FPS high speed shooting in the Digital world was available then, but those cameras were very expensive. What once was, over Cinderella’s castle!

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