Wander project Chicago, Shedd Aquarium!

As we continue our wander Chicago project, we are heading to the Shedd Aquarium. As a child, the museums of Chicago were treasures to me. I loved all of them, But I think that the Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry were my personal all-time favorites. Jakki was doing a project at school on Dolphins, so we were at the Shedd aquarium to get video of the Dolphin show.

I realize that there was a long period when Jakki was obsessed with dolphins (then later it was wolves, now it is back to her longest animal obsession, dogs!). She loved everything about the wonderful creatures. She was doing a school report, so we figured why no show off the dolphin show at Shedd. We did also do a behind the scenes visit to the Indianapolis Zoo, but this was the first part of the report.

Shedd Aquarium is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the same complex as the Field Museum. The Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium were both funded by successful Chicago Business People. Marshall Field, founder of the Marshall Field department store (downtown Chicago) funding the Field Museum of natural history. John G. Shedd worked for Marshall Field’s department store as the president and funded the aquarium (located on the same strip of land as the Field Museum). Wonderful gifts by both department store giants!


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