Lake View Park Aviary, Islamabad

The Lake View Park alongside Rawal Lake near Islamabad is one of the most favourite picnic points for the people of the twin cities. Thousands of people flock to the park on the weekends for picnics, rides, boating, barbecue, ATV rides and other fun activities.

The recent addition of one of Asia’s largest walk in aviaries is another feather in its cap. There is a large variety of birds here like geese, peacocks, turkeys, pheasants, crowned pigeons, cranes, flamingos and many different types of parrots.

Here are few pictures of my recent sojourn there. For a bird lover, it is heaven on earth.

These are just a few pictures. For a much more satisfactory visit of the aviary, watch this video:

Bird Park Islamabad


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      • Yayaya… I can see it from your beautiful pictures here. It’s different between the zoo and safari park like this. Although generally farther away from the city (while most zoos are in town, at least in my country), such areas are usually several times wider. Our families usually also prefer to visit the safari park than on the zoo.

  1. This is a great collection of photos, DW! I am particularly fond of peacocks, but they have a very loud and shrill call, so I would not like to keep them near my house! The picture of guinea fowl (I think) reminds me (I admit somewhat guiltily) of how delicious they taste 🙂

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