Wander Project Castaway Cay!

First off in the sense of telling the truth, I love water, but I am not a huge beach person. Well, I am not a huge crowded beach person. I love the beach, but my favorite time on the beach is when the beach is less crowded. That comes from the first beach I was ever really on. The one, my grandfather, built in front of his house in Wisconsin. He carted in the sand, so we had a beach on the shore of Lake Ripley. There are many videos and pictures of my sister and I playing on that beach.

I like a beach that isn’t crowded. Because we brought a cruise ship full of people with us, that was not the case for Castaway Cay. The beach was crowded. It was fun to hang out for a bit and wander into the water’s edge, but not the best beach experience for me. There was also watercraft you could rent, we didn’t and the ability to wander the island. The sand was white and blazing hot. Taking your shoes off was not advised unless you were close to the water.

The views, island and the entire experience were awesome. Fewer people would have been better, but the beach was wonderful. I have to say I did spend some time thinking about the reality of the people on the Island. Back then Disney had one cruise ship (The Magic) they now have two. Did the workers come out to the Cay the day before the ship arrived? There were a few places they could stay, but no real permanent buildings. I spent some time noodling that.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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