wander project caption Tuesday (I know a day late)!

After a discussion, we are adding Caption Tuesday to the Caption Challenge (I apologize, and I do know it is Wednesday, not Tuesday). I got messed up last week on Friday that was a holiday, but I had to work most of the day, so I lost a day, and it is still impacting me. The reality of the pictures today should be a lot of fun, please go crazy with captions in the comments!  The images are from two different events of the past. One was a technical meeting in Seattle and me wearing a hat. The other was a trip to Paris for a professional conference. We did two technical sessions in Paris three years apart, dealing with an issue that is very hard to deal with overall (Intellectual Capital).

The admin made the cloud hat of our team, a very nice person who asked me if I would wear the hat. I said sure, so she hand sewed the cloud hat I am wearing. Sometimes to be taken seriously, you have to make fun of yourself. Over the years, I have done many things that I would take back, would redo. But wearing the cloud hat that evening is not one of those. I loved that hat! The first time I went o Paris for a meeting, my wife got to go with me. I’ve shared her pictures and my pictures of that trip. We stayed the weekend at that time so that my wife could wander Paris. We got to do things that she had dreamed of doing her entire life (yes, the Lourve!)

I didn’t honestly spend the weekends in Paris, and I was there three more times for business. Once, in a hotel that was near the Eiffel Tower. Mostly I stayed at the Resiannce Hotel by the new Arc. But that time we were in the hotel near the base of the Eiffel tower. Ergo the tower in the backyard picture that ends the Caption Tuesday (Wednesday) collection. Traveling is an exciting thing. It seems romantic (it can be), but it is also a process. It can be painful. I don’t miss traveling now. Driving to DC is enough travel for me. Funny how things change over time. I guess all of us have a path to walk; for a long time, my path intersected airports; now, it crosses the traffic on the highways around DC.

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excuse me sir, you have a cloud on your head?

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in my backyard we have a tower!


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