wander project caption Tuesday!

Today two different pictures for Caption Tuesday. We expanded the caption contest from Thursday to Tuesday and Thursday. I thought today I would share a different type of image. The first one is of a boat in the air being cleaned. My initial Caption was looking at the person below and thinking the person is saying, “sir, you can’t boat here.” It seems like what you would mean seeing a boat in the air. Can ships fly, right? I mean, the ship in Peter Pan sailed. So boats can ultimately fly! So can taxis, but that is a different question overall. Well, it is a song by Harry Chapin, but you get the idea. The concept is flying boats and flying cabs. Sometimes the flying cab thing will be more universal, I think.

The second picture is the movie poster from a movie. I will freely admit that I cried in the film “A Dog’s Purpose.” The film talks about the love of a dog and a boy that is later rekindled with a man and a dog. The dog, living many lives between the two meetings, but the connection was there. It speaks to the universal love of dogs for humans. When you are kind to a dog, the return is so much higher. I know that my dog loves me without thought or rules. That makes me happy in the end. Not that I am loved, many people in my life love me. That I am loved by a dog who thinks I know what I am doing and doesn’t question my goals or ask me to slow down.

A funny story about my dog, he and I used to walk near some woods. The woods were full of deer (they are a government facility, no hunting allowed). A rutting buck came tearing around the corner. Rutting bucks don’t always see straight, and they don’t care who is in their way. So, as we turned the corner, we were in the way. I have heard my dog growl twice since he came to live with us. Once was at me while playing, the other time was when the deer popped up. The deer stooped, looked at my dog bounded off the way he had come.  I guess in the end, that is love carried to the extreme. Willing to do anything to protect the people you love!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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