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Wander Project Caption Thursday

Oh, boy caption Thursday is here.

Feel free to caption the pictures in the comments or, below, one or both of the photos! Today it is a return to Living History pictures. They do two cool projects in schools (in Indiana) well fresh in the sense that it was a lot of fun for the parents. The wander project meant you had to pick a place in Indiana, go to that place and take pictures. Then you presented about that place to your class. The twins choose Vincennes and Corydon, Indiana. My daughter decides Marengo Cave. All three are fun, historical sites. During the Revolutionary War between the US and Britain or the UK, Vincnesses was a critical British fort. The fort was taken from the British by George Rogers Clark.

(related to a later famous American as part of the Lewis and Clark expedition).

For living history, the twins and our daughter had to choose a famous Indiana native. One of the twins want the journalist Ernie Pyle (killed in WWII), and the other chooses Red Skelton. I don’t remember what our daughter did for a famous Hoosier. My wife is the only Hoosier in our family. All three of our kids were born in Ohio, all three in fact, in the city limits of Cincinnati, Ohio!  I know that Red Skelton isn’t a big name now, and honestly, there are a few things and friends he had that make him questionable going forward. But it was interesting to see the pictures again!.

The reality of culture is often essential. What is acceptable in South East Asia, isn’t always in the US, or the UK. What is considered ok in Europe isn’t still acceptable anywhere else. The reality of the modern world, we have to be aware not only of the cultural impact but from the effects of this history. Based on the time Red Skelton was a star (the 1940s and 1950s), things were very different. That doesn’t excuse the behavior of the time, nor is it me condoning what was done; it was different times. The context of history is critical.

As we wind down this caption Thursday, share fun captions!

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