Wander project Buffets in southeast Asia!

I spent a lot of time on airplanes for many years. 1.2 million miles flown on United. Another 400,000 flown on Northwest + American and Air Iceland (later changed their name). 1.6 million miles. Now, the scary thing is that most of the flights I took were less than 400 miles. I’ve flown more than 1000 segments to get to 1.6 million miles. A segment is anytime you land in an airport and then take off. Or land, stay a couple of days. I have landed in some countries. Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Brazel in the Americas. Far too many to count in Europe and many more in Asia. My first family trip of great length was Indianapolis to Milwaukee Wisconsin before my baby sister was born.

We also took the train to Wisconsin as well.

The pictures today are from India. We went to teach a class. We ended up wandering around the city. A former mentee flew into Banglore to take us around the city. It was a delightful day! India, like Thailand, was a climate I was familiar with. I enjoyed the hotel; it was very comfortable. I love SouthEast Asian buffets for breakfast. I’ve tried them in Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and India. In every case, I truly enjoyed the experience! Asian buffets, at least the ones I frequent always had incredible juice bars. There is something about fresh Mango juice. I do know that I do not like Beef Bacon. It has a stronger taste and flavor then the bacon I grew up with!

The other things about buffet breakfasts are speed. You can go as fast (running late) or as slow (really early) as you need. Often on the first day in the country, I would be running late. Mostly because of the disrupted sleep pattern. By the last day, I would be somewhat adjusted and would be running early. Funny what you remember about buffets. One of my favorite things to do in a hotel buffet in the US is biscuits covered with eggs and sausage gravy. My wife was the first person I ever saw eat that. I tried it, and it is one of the many things she has changed about what I do and eat. I can’t eat that as much now as I did unless I am off on a 10-mile hike. Oh yeah, and if they have sausage patties, add those as well!


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Written by DocAndersen

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