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From October 2004 to March 2005 I was working on a project in Malaysia. I was there for two to three weeks, and then working remote until I would return. The four trips were spread out over the six months of the project (two in 2004, October and then December). In 2005 I made a trip in January and then one more in March. The January trip happened to align with my parents being in Bangkok. Dad was working for IST helping continue what he had started building in 1972.

First thing, I added a leg to my trip home from KL. But I purchased the package before leaving the US. I ended up flying four segments to land in KL. Just the there and back again (A Hobbits plane ticket) was more expensive than adding four days in Thailand, and two additional flight segments to my overall trip. (Instead of a round trip 8 and round trip 10). I will never understand why airline tickets are prices so strangely.

This trip, meeting mom, and dad in Bangkok, was the only trip I stopped by to see them. They weren’t in Thailand for the rest of the project. Then my other trips to Asia, they weren’t in Thailand. So the happenstance that was this trip ended up being a delight. I got to spend time with both mom and dad. Dad needed a couple of technology items while I was there, so he and I took a walk to find what he needed. Mom, Miss Hart and I went out for lunch one day and had a blast. I am glad that timing and flying worked out for me to stop by and see mom and dad in Bangkok!


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