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Wander project Annapolis MD (by water)!

Our boat’s name is Lab’s Lair Too, and these pictures are of the Lab’s laying claim to their Lair.  Mostly they like to find a spot and relax in that spot for the boat trip. But they do also like to supervise the humans whenever possible. The humans our Labs live with, per the Labs, are not very smart. So the Lab’s spend a lot of time watching them and making sure that the jobs being done are done correctly. Not correctly actually, to Lab specification!

Until this current cold snap ends, I am posting images of warm. Summer days spent off on the Bay. There is magic in being out on the water. I find myself relaxed. In part, I know because my grandfather used to tell me that when I was little, the only way they could get me to sleep, was tooling around the lake in the speedboat. Otherwise, I was wired and awake, which isn’t good when you are not wired and tired as an adult! As a child apparently I was a handful.

Luckily for me, I was the first grandchild and only grandchild for a couple of years!

Tooling around on the water relaxes me. I don’t fall asleep anymore, but just going out makes me feel better. Relaxed in the best sense of relaxation. The kind that you don’t have to spend hours chasing for seconds of relaxation. It starts the minute I get on the boat and doesn’t end until after I get off the boat. The kind of relaxation that sets the week on a good course. Imagine how much of that I could sell if only I could bottle that feeling!


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