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It takes a village, or several people to move all the stuff we had at our house from our old boat to our new boat. Then the ordeal of finding the right place to keep the various items was required. The good news is, the new boat has a lot more storage in a lot smaller spaces than the old boat did. The old boat was a little bigger but had a lot more wasted space. The new boat is smaller but has a lot more build in storage!

Notice the boat name; the previous owner had called the boat IT Pays. Seems kind of funny now, we probably should have kept the name. I am after all an IT person. But for us Labs Lair Too was the choice. We never named our boat in Ohio, nor did we name our boat in Indiana. We never really thought about the naming until we moved to Maryland. Of course, we sold our boat in Indiana and didn’t have one in Maryland for four years, so we had a lot of time to think about it.

When you are out in the Bay, you have to have a name. Mostly because someone has to be able to hail your boat, and notify you of issues, problems and of course invite you to events via the VHF radio. The name is important for the boat. I like our choice of Labs Lair. The dogs are a critical part of what we do as a family. It is nice to be able to include them in boating as well. Setup day turned into setup two days over the course of two weeks. We didn’t feel the boat was organized the way we wanted it to be until May!

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