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Travel to Vrbovno. a village near Belgrade.

Robin Biznis July 28. Belgrade, Serbia

It was Saturday morning when we set off on the road.We went to visit our godfathers who were in the Vrbovno village about 40 km away from Belgrade for the weekend.They made a holiday home there. They are mostly used over the summer.The house is located on a hill and is surrounded by forests and meadows.

In the yard there is a well, for watering gardens.We use the pool for summer refreshment. We also used it after noon.

Just before the evening, they asked me to squeeze meat on the grill.

We should have stayed on Sunday all day.But my wife got a call to do one head record in a medical clinic.She is a nurse retired, but she works part-time for the clinic.So on Sunday morning we returned to Belgrade.We agreed to find ourselves there again on August 11 when our godfathers had a celebration.How we’ve been doing what the environment looks like can be seen on the photos I send with this blog.The next trip is welcomed by Robin.


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