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Travel Tips: 13 Things Your Holiday Luggage Desperately Needs

Hello, restless travelers! I am serving you some of my advices for being a little bit more organized traveller, and if you are already one, I hope you will agree with me on the suggestions bellow!

Firstly, all you need for traveling and having fun is a good will and a passion for learning and seeing new things and  meeting new people and cultures. But, still, there are some things that you can miss to pack while being excited about the holiday. Check it out and tell me what are your experiences with packing and share your travel tips in the comments!

Packing Cubes

Hello, packing ninja! This is the ultimate way to travel organized and fancy without the mess hoping out of your suitcase in the moment you open it. Bigger cubes for tops and bottom clothing items, cubes for shoes, cosmetics and smaller for chargers or underwear, and there you go! The best thing about the cubes (although, I can't find anything bad about them) is that on the way back of your holiday you can organize the dirty clothes separately and the clean clothes in separate cubes. This will save a lot of time unpacking when you come back home. 

Documents Pouch

Store all the paper documents or printed tickets in a pouch. Everything in a paper form that you need to keep, just store it in the pouch. It is a lot easier than to toss it in the bag, and much more organized.

What documents do you actually need when traveling? Except the obvious, passport and plane/bus/ other tickets, I suggest you always have a travel health insurance and a copy of everything: a copy of passport, of hotel reservations, electronic plane tickets, etc. Even important phone numbers and addresses in the place that you visit. It is just for precaution and it doesn't take a lot of time to do it. 

Excellent luggage

I know it's obvious to have a suitcase for travel, but I want to accent the importance of a good, compact, lightweight and nicely designed luggage. I bet you have never thought of it, but a vibrant color of your luggage, rather than the usual black and navy, can save you a lot of trouble on busy airports. It is so much easier to spot your luggage when it has unusual colors or patterns, so it will save you the stress of constantly picking up someone else's luggage (and reading the name tags in panic!). 

On the other hand, hard case luggage will keep your things safe, without the possibility of breaking or damaging anything inside the suitcase. And, please, no zippers! Never believe the quality of the luggage zippers! 

At last, but not least, make sure to buy as lightweight luggage as possible. As a owner of a very well made, but very heavy Samsonite suitcase, I very much appreciate lightweight, stroller suitcases that are large, practical, safe but weight less than 4 kg. 


Knitwear for summer holiday? Oh, yes. The last thing you have in mind is cold weather when on vacation, but believe me, it is so possible. The uncomfortable situation when the only thing you have with long sleeves is a beach kimono while there is a cold storm outside can be prevented simply by packing one cozy, pastel colored knit and you are worry- free. The other alternative is to bring a warm, lightweight puffer jacket, that will keep you perfectly warm and dry if raining, and will take less space in your suitcase. 

Thermal bags

If you didn't know, there are very well designed thermal bags & totes on the market. Practical, waterproof and in various patterns and colors, thermal bag is your best travel buddy. Im always horrified while staying at the beach/ by the pool when I check my phone which is boiling hot or my melted lip-balm. The thermal bags are made just for this kind of troubles.

If you don't like totes, there are smaller thermal bags that you can easily insert in your stylish bags. 


I was also sure, just like you in this moment, that is really boring to bring umbrella wherever I go. That is why instead of souvenirs I have many umbrellas from my holiday-went-wrong-days. And that is why H&M (and probably a lot of other stores) invented the handy, mini size umbrellas that you can bring in your purse. Also, you can use it to protect yourself from the sun. 

High Quality Portable Charger

No need for further explanation, this is a must- have item when traveling. Invest in a good portable charger and your life will be a lot easier. 

While we are talking about connection and communication, I always suggest to bring a spare phone or simply to buy a phone card from a local mobile store. It is a lot cheaper and smarter, and probably every mobile operator today offers a good deal of mobile internet. 

Gym wear

Morning runners and fitness addicts will definitely include this in their suitcase. The rest of us, will skip that part. Well, that is a big mistake. You don't need to exaggerate with the gym equipment, but good sneakers and  leggings/ shorts are a must. There is nothing more stupid and more difficult than hiking or all- day sightseeing in flip- flops or espadrilles. Holidays are not just for chilling by the pool, people! 


What do you think?


Written by Ana Magniani


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  1. But, just like me, you don’t leave anything to chances, Maggie Bailey:) I forgot to mention the hairdryer, since hotels have those ridiculous hairdryers! As I go in details, it is better to travel in a motorhome around the world:D

  2. Great tips here. But I am not a great coffee-drinker; instead I prefer tea (I’m a typical Brit!) So instead of a coffee-maker, I take a small portable travelling kettle (which comes with 2 plastic cups), and some teabags with me when I travel! So that I can brew up as soon as I arrive, Not all hotel rooms have tea/coffee-making facilities, after all. You certainly have included some things here I would never have thought of! Thanks for the advice.

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