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Travel guide: the wine production in Rhodes island

Rhodes, an island of sun, is famous for its great wines. They were well known in a deep antiquity. Aeschynite, an Athenian politician, and an orator, after leaving Athens, mentioned in one of his letters that the wines of Rhodes are better than the wines of Athens. This was the first written proof of Rhodes’ wine at 330 Year BC. The good taste of the wine is got from the grapes grown in favorable conditions: warm and sunny here, good for the vineyards.

The Embon Village, located at the altitude of Ataviros Mount, 700 meters high, is famous for the variety of grape species. During excursions, visit EMERY’s factory, one of the largest winemakers in Embon. Most of the vineyards of Rhodes are located around Mount Atvaviros.  In the mountainous area, white varieties of Athiri are grown, and the red varieties Mandidarya are cultivated in plain areas.

In Rhodes, we tried three of the most popular categories of wines:

White wine produced from white grapes of the Athiri variety. This is a classic variety that has been cultivated in this region since ancient times.

Red wine, produced from red grapes of the Mandilaria brand (another name is Amorgiano). A variety that gradually became dominant on the islands of the Aegean Sea, the Rhodes climate suits them best. Ве энеед the intense color and delicate aroma of red fruits.

Dessert white wine made from two varieties of Muscat grapes: classic white Muscat (from Samos island) and Trani Muscat, imported from Italy. Harmoniously combining, they give the wine a pleasant taste and a light aroma of dried fruit, caramel, and nuts.

Local wineries also specialize in the production of sparkling wines and champagne, using the method of secondary fermentation in a bottle.

Both those and other vineyards can be visited in order to taste and buy different wines as a present or simply to dine with a view of endless grape fields.



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