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Top 10 Most Popular Sights To See In Malaysia

Travel to Malaysia and have exotic holidays in the extremely south-east Asian state. Holidays in Malaysia, a country that runs from the south of the Malaysian Peninsula to the north of Borneo Island, will give you unexpected discoveries because you can feel like two different countries here. The bustling cities, colonial architecture, fog-covered tea plantations, and peace-loving islands are met on the continental side, while Borneo invites Malaysia to a wild, orangutan-controlled jungle, with granite pebbles and still living mysterious tribes.

There are many nations in this country, with their own languages, religions, and traditions, and this will enter you into a real multicultural whirlwind. Langkawi, Redang, Pangkor, Tioman are just ones of the many island resorts in Malaysia, featuring exotic white sandy beaches, fabulous underwater worlds and amazing hotels on the seafront or even in the water! Holidays in Malaysia – unforgettable surprises, colors, culturally diverse holidays, promising enduring impressions and divine rest.


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  1. Southeast Asian countries are having three undeclared contests, all of which are to drum up tourism. These are; longest bridge, tallest building and biggest Buddha. Malaysia seems to be in competition for all three!