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Top 10 Most Popular Sights to See in Macedonia

What is interesting for tourists in Macedonia hidden in the Balkans? Recreation in Macedonia, the continental Balkan country, whose landscapes are adorned by mountain tops, lakes and ancient cities with Ottoman and European architecture, will remain an indelible impression. Every moment of the trip will remain memorable for a long time, as you will not only learn about the rich history of the Balkan Peninsula, but also enjoy your relaxation at the huge Ohrid Lake, will enter the wild nature, or even enjoy winter sports in the mountains.

Struga, Ohrid, Popova Shapka – ones of the most famous Macedonian resorts, where the perfect holiday are guaranteed by a refreshing lake water, wonderful nature or winter holidays in the mountains. The best vacation in Macedonia is waiting for you, so get ready for a memorable trip! A trip to Macedonia is a gift to the body and soul! From the wild, wooded mountains, the remote villages, and monasteries, to the vibrant markets of Skopje, the lush streets, and restaurants. Holidays in Macedonia – the best vacation idea!


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