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Top 10 most popular places to visit in Portugal

Portugal is a city of the Templar secrets, the spirit of pilgrimage, romantics, and the pleasures of the sea, from the waves of sea beating the rocks and their arches to the tranquil beaches that look to the Atlantic. Get around the most attractive and spectacular areas of the country from Porto to Lisbon. Portugal will give you freedom of travel and new sun-blown impressions.

Portugal is an incredibly beautiful country. Natural images, cliffs, breathtaking beaches – you will not stop shooting. Just wait for the tides, because then you could have a more interesting walk in the beaches – enter the rocks arches, look around there.

Portugal is still not tired of the bunch of tourists as they are not so many there. But that’s what makes it fascinating and different – unlike in many other countries, going to Portugal, you can enjoy absolute silence, simplicity, delicious food, white sands, sparkling ocean. This state and its people remind what it means to slowly enjoy life. Portugal is silence, beautiful nature, and weather, great food, stunning beaches.


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