Travelling, with your baby is a difficult task. Here are some tips to follow.

Plan it.

Keep all the necessary things handy. Know your baby’s schedules. Keep some toys for your baby.

Pack your bag.

Pack extra clothes and diapers for your baby. Keep medicines handy. You never know how your baby will react to the new environment. Keep his feeding bottle ready. Keep ready tissues and paper napkins. Pack extra bed sheets and pillows. Carry lots of water with you. You can also pack milk powder and milk. Pack some home baked goodies and fruits like banana. Carry a nappy rash cream along with you.

Set your room.

Set your room child friendly. Try to make your baby comfortable in the room. Your baby may become cranky in the new environment. Calm and peaceful surrounding soothe your baby. So take him to a calm drive. Avoid too much crowded places.


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Written by Kshama


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  1. You make some good points, and I feel you are writing this from direct experience! Depending on how and where you are travelling, not all of those options will always be available. In my time I have travelled with my babies in such places as India, Turkey, Israel and Bulgaria, always on public transport and with a backpack. The most important things to bring with you, I can say, are patience and love 🙂

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