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Thursdays Reflections – Lake Hakanoa photos

Last Sunday we went to Lake Hakanoa to take photos at Huntly in Waikato, and I got some nice reflections in these pictures.

You can see these photos as they unfold and each one tells a story of life at this lake for this time of the year.

I noticed there were not as much Canadian Geese or Black Swans, maybe they have flown up to Auckland because the weather is going to be colder?

Must say here, that there are no rivers connecting to this Lake. There are lots of small lakes in the Waikato area and don’t know why.

Black Swan Reflection

So far at the Lake, there are only 4 Swans at this lake and they are swimming in pairs.

A Child by the Pier

Children seem to walk down the end and go back again and come down to the end. Their parents are not far away in a camping van

Some Canadian Geese and just one Goose


Dry hills from our long dry summer.

Different Lighting

Members of the Huntly community live on the hills of Lake Hakanoa

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