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The Most Beautiful Restaurant In Italy,Perfect For Romantic Date


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Dining next to the sea is a very romantic moment.Especially when the restaurant is located in a cave. Having dinner with candles, listening to the waves embracing the rocks is a pleasant experience. You would definetely like to have a date with your loved one here. This place is for real.The most beautiful restaurant is located in Polignano a Mare, a small town in Southern Italy. It is part of the region called Puglia. It is a very famous touristic destination, located on the Adriatic sea. The restaurant is  in a cave, next to the sea. You would love to enjoy this sight!The restaurant itself might have been used since 1700s when local nobility gathered there.

Polignano a Mare is known as  “Pearl of the Adriatic” . It is the most beautiful town in the Puglia region, located 30 kilometers from Bari. Known for the crystal clear waters and high cliffs, this place is a must see. The beautiful beach with blue water is full trough the summer. Polignano is a place where you will enjoy the sea and good Italian food. It is also famous for being the birthplace of Domenico Modungo, the popular singer  . He sang the very famous song “Volare”. Do not miss the statue built in his honor.


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