Wander project more images of Mexico!!!

We wander today again back to Mexico and more pictures. One of the cool things was the pirate ship that each evening announced the dinner hour with a blast from its cannon!  We enjoyed watching the pirate ship head out, although we didn’t get on the ship. You could get tickets, we just ran out of time every day and never booked them! We were on the run and the go every day moving from the beach to town and then to the pool!

Our second day we wandered the village of Purto Vallarta and had a wonderful lunch. One of my personal all time favorite Mexican dishes is Guacamole! They came to the table and made the Guacamole fresh for us. My wife and I both love Guc, and our kids hate it. That makes it an even better experience for my wife and I. More for us, less to share!!! Well, we have to share with each other, and after 26 years we are still working on that one.

The other cool thing from day 2, was finding an open air market and wandering the market. My wife got a new bag and the kids each got something to remember Mexico. After all the years of me traveling and all the different places I had been at that time, I only wanted a good Cuban cigar. I didn’t and still don’t collect things from the places I’ve been. I collect things that the people in my life give me!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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