The alpine town of Annecy

Annecy is a French beauty of town located in the southwest of the country, nearby the border with Switzerland. The chances are that when you think about Annecy, the first things that comes up in your mind is its spectacular lake of Annecy and its turquise colour. The lake feeds into the Thiou River.

The town has only 125.000 inhabitants which makes it a quiet and ideal getaway destination. One can spend the day biking around the lake and the streets of the town and never get tired of it or rent a paddleboat instead and admire the Alps from that point of view.

What one can not miss for sure is the French cuisine. Just imagine a plate with raclette, typical French cheese, local wine and an amazing view! It is priceless, indeed. Even if you finish your meal with a cup of espresso and a French dessert or ice-cream the words are unnecessary!

The people compare Annecy with Venice and it is mainly because of the cannals. It is a cannal city but twice as clean as Venice, I would add if I may. You just can’t help but fall in love with this French town.

Pont Des Amours and the Palaice De L’Isle are another important places in the town, highly recommendable to visit. In fact the whole structure of the town and the architecture is something that will impress you with no doubts.


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